University of California, Los Angeles: Northwest Campus Student Housing Infill, Upper & Lower De Neve

Client: PCL Construction Services, Inc.

Location: Los Angeles, California

Landscape Architect: SWA Group


A studied approach to student housing. When UCLA set out to build a student housing infill project, they set their sights on leading edge and green. The Upper De Neve building is a nine-story residential tower, and Lower De Neve is a seven-story tower. They sit on 10 acres, and enjoy a LEED 2.2 Silver status. Our job brought a number of challenges, starting with constructing on a confined, sloped site with densely packed landscaping.


The job required that we box and relocate existing mature trees and restore all landscaping to meet the pre-existing theme. We also built a garden walk. When it comes to student housing, this park-like village goes to the head of the class.

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