San Bernardino Courthouse

Client: Rudolph and Sletten

Location: San Bernardino, CA

Landscape Architect: Tom Leader Studio


A Water Harvesting and Bio-Retention Masterpiece

With a mega-drought looming, the LEED Gold rated new courthouse for San Bernardino is the example of conscientious water management.  Rainwater is harvested on a rooftop garden, or green roof, as well as the plaza surrounding the building, and is directed to a central reservoir.  From there it travels to a series of biorunnels that flow through the terraced landscape with palm groves to connect with bio-swales in the parking lot.  After the filtering of the bio-swales, the water is finally released to the nearby creek.  While all this sounds pretty technical, the resultant verdant landscape is a compliment to the new courthouse, and a haven for the workers who traverse the gardens in their free time.

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