Pershing Square Park

Client: Downtown Business Owners Association

Location: Downtown Los Angeles, California

Landscape Architect: Laurie Olin Landscape Architect


One square block of land, one major piece of LA history. Since the 1850s, Pershing Square Park has been a welcome gathering spot for Angelinos. The name changed a few times, along with the plantings and features. Today's park reflects a radical redesign. Among other things, our installation included a 10-story purple bell tower that chimes music, a whimsical, shaded walkway resembling an earthquake fault, waterfalls and tidal pool, a bench decorated with LA postcards from the 20s and 30s, raised planters and trees. Lush foliage and palms paint the picture of sunny LA, while modern artworks and bold colors affirm the message that Los Angeles is "a city that looks forward." For five acres, this small haven is all about big thinking.

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