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Oxnard AWPF (Advanced Water Purification Facility)

Client: McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

Location: Oxnard, California

Landscape Architect:  Alhambra Group Landscape Architecture


Just add (reclaimed) water.  When the City of Oxnard wanted to use existing water resources more efficiently, it came up with something GREAT -- the Groundwater Recovery Enhancement And Treatment program.  Central to GREAT is the award-winning Oxnard AWPF (Advanced Water Purification Facility).


The AWPF treats wastewater using state-of-the-art equipment and one of the world's most advanced purification processes (microfiltration, reverse osmosis and advanced oxidation with ultraviolet light and hydrogen peroxide). Ultimately, the facility will generate up to 25 million gallons of water per day. It's non-potable, but suitable for agriculture, landscaping, groundwater recharge and industrial uses. In addition to producing water, the AWPF has a Visitors Center for education, research and visitor functions. This is where we came in.


We installed a demonstration wetland complete with vegetation, along with pathways and planters adjacent to the Visitors Center. (Among other things, the wetland demonstrates how to treat brine through natural wetland processes.) The center is surrounded by water and wetlands, and accessible by small pedestrian bridges. So come on in, the water is GREAT.