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Laguna Altura Slopes, Mitigation, and Retention Basins

Client: Irvine Community Development Company

Location: Irvine, CA

Landscape Architect: EPT Design



Crafting the Transition to Native

In the Irvine planned community of Laguna Altura, nature butts up against the beautifully crafted high-end single family homes.  The designers’ vision was to blend the highly manicured area landscaping into the native plant community found on the surrounding hills.  To accomplish that goal, we had to clear existing brush that was often over six feet tall.


We conducted an extensive grow/kill program, then planted native trees and shrubs.  A hydroseed application that included many native grasses and wildflowers completed the scheme. The native type plantings attract wildlife such as various bird varieties, butterfilies, lizards, and small mammals. The plantings are capable of being weaned from the irrigation system within a couple of years.