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Universal Studios

Jurassic Park Ride

Client: Turner Construction

Location: Hollywood, Ca

Landscape Architect: Lifescapes International


Welcome to Jurassic Park

It’s not every day that a landscaper gets to work with Steven Speilberg and his design team, but that is just what we did to bring  the lush prehistoric tropical rainforest vision of Jurassic Park the Ride to life.  While you are busy screaming from the realistic animatronic dinosaus or the 85’ waterfall plunge while on the ride, you probably won’t notice the large specimen palm trees precariously placed on artificial rock cliffs, or the exotic bamboo that was imported from across the country.


Our installation of this project was done under an extremely tight schedule, with the coordination of multiple trades working on top of each other, and the use of the largest conventional crane in Southern California.  Tightly packed plantings of mature specimens give the effect that this has all been here for a very long time – perhaps as far back as the Jurassic period.