Disneyland Jungle Cruise Remodel

Client: Turner Construction Company

Location: Anaheim, California

Landscape Architect:  DKY Architects



It's a jungle out there. Really. Disney's Jungle Cruise is more than a beloved attraction in the Magic Kingdom. It's been declared an actual jungle. Since 1955, the growth and careful tending have resulted in a canopy as high as 100 feet, which consists of large palms, coral trees, ficus trees, bamboo and other specimens. Over the decades, the river transformed the ride into its own ecosystem. When it came time to remodel this unique setting, we worked with rainforest respect to ensure no harm to the habitat.


Among other things, the remodel involved completely replacing Schweitzer Falls, adding piranha to the river and updating the safari camp. It's not every day one gets to go wild at work...and we enjoyed every moment.

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