The Getty Center Tramway & Slopes

Client: Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Company

Location: Los Angeles, California

Landscape Architect: Richard Meier & Partners


Getting from Point A to Point B artfully.  With sweeping views of Los Angeles, The Getty Center sits regally on a hilltop, filled with art and surrounded by majestic gardens. The spectacular setting and cultural splendor don't lend themselves to the nitty-gritty of parking lots, so the parking structure is underground and out of sight. Our project was to help get visitors up the hill, and to make it a beautiful experience. The job involved constructing a .9-mile automated three-car tram running from the north parking structure below to where the museum's treasures await. Along the route, we installed lush landscaping on the exterior slopes. We also landscaped the entries and infrastructure, including the promontory oak tree collection.


The landscaping is a mix of ancient and modern, and blends a wide range of colors, textures and scents. Sycamores, flowers, local chaparral , leafy pepper trees, jacaranda, pines and more than 8,500 native oak trees create a visual delight as visitors ride the tram to the entry. Proof that joy is not just the destination, but in the journey too.


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