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El Toro Memorial Park

Irrigation Retrofit

Client: Orange County Cemetary District

Location: Lake Forest, CA

Irrigation Designer:  Brent Harvey


Now you See it, Now you Don’t

The sign of an excellent irrigation retrofit project is if no one can tell you were there.  Memorial Parks provide particular challenges when trenching, as you can probably imagine.  Special care must be exercised when installing underground infrastructure with clearances between grave sites so tight.  Minimal disturbance of the existing lawn is highly desirable as well.  With these restraints in mind, American called upon our golf specialists to “pull” the pipe through the soil. The pulling process involves special machinery which cuts a slit through the soil to the desired depth of the pipe.


The pipe is fed into the slit as the machine progresses, and the turf is pressed back together as the machine finishes its pass through the area. The ending result is virtually undetectable with no trenching, backfilling or sod replacement needed.  The new irrigation system is much more efficient and reliable, and visiting guests are happy for the quick and clean process.