California Plaza

Client: Hathaway Dinwiddie

Location: Downtown Los Angeles, California

Landscape Architect: SWA Group


A dream venue, with nightmare logistics. California Plaza is a breathtaking urban amphitheatre in Downtown LA. It's backed by a waterfall, banked by reflecting pools and flanked by dramatic skyscrapers. Even better? You can enjoy free concerts there. But it wasn't always this way. Our installation was a tricky combination of cranes, 100% on-structure plantings, aquascape -- and an off-hour construction schedule. The plaza was created by building the structure over Olive Street. Massive cranes hoisted from Grand Avenue up to the plaza complex. The cranes delivered soil and plant material, along with logistical headaches. Given the area's busy nature, we had to navigate the crowds by working off-hours and on Sundays. Now that it's done, let the music play. Bring a picnic.



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