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Beverly Hills Hotel & Bungalows

Client: Peck/Jones Construction

Location: Beverly Hills, California

Landscape Architect:  SWA Group


Bringing a legend to life. When the world-famous Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows closed for a nearly three-year renovation, we were there to help restore the iconic landmark to the grandeur of yesteryear. This historic renovation involved the entire campus. Among other things, the once oasis-like grounds needed new vibrancy. Our installation involved an extensive use of banana trees and giant Birds of Paradise to complement the hotel's existing theme.


We worked on all areas of the hotel and bungalows, and ensured a perfect restoration of the Polo Lounge gardens. Having celebrated 100 years, the venerable star still attracts visitors from around the world. People often wish the storied walls could talk. And when you sit in the lavish gardens and enjoy the property's splendor, we believe they do.