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Bay Of Dreams (Bahia De Los Sueños) Golf Course

Client: Bay of Dreams, LLC

Location: 35 miles south of La Paz, Mexico

Irrigation Designer:  Larry Rodgers Design Group

Golf Course Architect:  Tom Doak / Renaissance Golf Design


A Golf Dream Come to Life

Situated on the eastern coast of Baja California Sur on the Sea of Cortez, the Bay of Dreams resort features a new 18-hole golf course constructed on a remote and desolate coastline in a newly constructed ultra-private and luxurious resort/residential community. American Landscape faced many logistical hurdles while constructing this course that few installers could have surmounted.  The project included the construction of a large reservoir, transfer lines and pump stations which were designed to import water from distant ranches miles from the new course.


We worked around forests of native Cardon cacti, through the rocky, rugged terrain, and right up to the water’s edge. Because of the remote location, and concerns about availability, the 100% Paspalum turf was grown as sod on a neighboring ranch property, and harvested as needed for installation. We are very proud of the challenges we faced and conquered in the creation of this beautiful golfers’ paradise.