Academy of Television Arts

and Sciences


Location: North Hollywood, CA

Landscape Architect:  The Urban Design Group


“And the Emmy for Best Landscaping goes to…”

Lucille Ball vamping for the camera, Johnny Carson about to introduce a guest, and Jack Benny posing with his violin; these are all life-size bronze statues gracing the plaza in front of The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.  Most of us know the Academy as the sponsors of the Emmy Awards.  Situated in North Hollywood’s NoHo District, the facility’s outer courtyard is open to the public, and is a great tourist stop.


There you can sit by a bubbling fountain with a giant, golden replica of an Emmy award, while admiring the busts of famous television stars, such as Bob Hope, Milton Berle and Mary Tyler Moore.  You can enjoy the shade of the large palm trees while secretly hoping for a glimpse of a real TV star in person.

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